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  • Experimental Investigation On Sandwich Composite Made of Expanded Perlite/Epoxy to Enhance Mechanical Property. 

    Hasan, Md. Kamrul; Mohammad, Abu Niem; Hossain, Arafat; Ara, Jannat (Sonargoan University(SU), 2023-09-06)
    The abstract for an experimental investigation on a sandwich composite made of Expanded Perlite/Epoxy based core with JERP (Jute-Epoxy Reinforced Polymer) and CF (Carbon Fiber) as skin can be summarized.This study ...
  • Fabrication Of An Electromagnetic Braking System 

    Hossain, Md. Sajjad; Siddiq, Md. Omar Imran; Bashar, Md. Samiul; Ali, Md. Sobuz; Islam, Md. Towfiqul (Sonargoan University(SU), 2023-09-06)
    This project aims to create an electromagnetic braking system model capable of applying brakes without any friction loss and without losing the energy supplied. It uses two electromagnets which are run by the supply ...
  • IOT Based Engine Cooling System. 

    Islam, Md. Tarequl; Parvez, Sohag; Mia, Sumon; Das, Sourav; Halim, Md Abdul (Sonargoan University(SU), 2023-09-06)
    This work is primarily about the improvement of current engine home practices by using modern technologies for better weather. This work provides a model of a smart engine cooling system, which helps the people to carry ...
  • Dual Axis Solar Panel Tracking System. 

    Rana, Sohel; Hoque, Md. Amdadul; Chowdhury, Mohammed Saiful Gani; Asif, Md Iftakhar Alam; Kabir, Md. Mehedi Hasan (Sonargoan University(SU), 2023-09-06)
    This is a project of DUAL AXIS SOLAR PANEL TRACKING SYSTEM. The project is about making two axis solar panel tracker that can be working robotic system. The Solar Tracker is a device which follows the movement of the ...
  • Performance Test of Heat Exchanger using Copper Tubes with Fin 

    Alahi, Tofiq; Islam, Md. Ashraful; Hasan, Md. Nahid; Alamin, Md.; Akter, Taniya (Sonargoan University(SU), 2023-09-06)
    Heat exchanger is an equipment used to transfer heat from one fluid to another. It has extensive domestic and industrial applications. Extensive technical literature is available on heat exchanger design, operation and ...
  • Performance Test Of Test Heat Exchanger By Using Aluminum Tube With Fin. 

    khatu, Mst. Taslima; morsh, Md. Tanvir; Hossain, Md. Shihab; Rahman, Md. Washikur; Hossain, Md. Farhad (Sonargoan University(SU), 2023-09-06)
    Heat exchanger is equipment used to transfer heat from one fluid to another. It has extensive domestic and industrial applications. Extensive technical literature is available on heat exchanger design, operation and ...
  • Performance Test of Counter and Parallel Flow Heat Exchangers Using Copper Tubes and Variable Flow Rate of Cooling Fluid 

    Islam, Md. Saiful; Hasan, Md. Mehedi; Miah, Md Polash; Joy, Md. Abu Jubaer; Sarker, Pijush (Sonargoan University(SU), 2023-09-06)
    Heat exchanger is equipment used to transfer heat from one fluid to another. It has extensive domestic and industrial applications. Extensive technical literature is available on heat exchanger design, operation and ...
  • An Investigation of the Effects of Tool Geometry on Chip Formation and Heat Generation during Metal Cutting Process 

    Islam, Md. Jahidul; Alam, Md Suruj; Hossen., Md. Elias; Islam, Amirul; Islam, Md.Nasimul (Sonargoan University(SU), 2023-09-15)
    In any machine shop, power plant, car repair and manufacturing plant we use various types of cutting tools including Right hand turning tool, Radius turning form tool, Threading or parting tool etc. to prepare different ...
  • Design and Fabrication of IOT Based Boiler Monitoring System. 

    Billah, Masum; Mia, Md. Rocky; Islam, Md. Saiful; Mia, Roni; Marup, Md. Abdullah Al (Sonargoan University(SU), 2023-09-06)
    Boiler is the major part of industries and power plants. Mostly thermal power plants have boilers to produce electrical energy from steam. But thermal power plants are located in remote areas due to it harmful environment. ...
  • Experimental Investigation On Automated Solar Grass Cutter Robot. 

    Md.. Abdullah; Hossain, Md. Sajal; Siddik, Md. Abu Bakkar; Mahmud, Ariq; Rana, Md. Rubel (Sonargoan University(SU), 2023-09-06)
    These days the computerization assumes vital part in the field of creations and furthermore mechanization is becoming quickly. Previously, the grass cutter was dealt with physically that is by human contact and ...
  • Ultrasonic Sensor Equipped Automatic Object Sensing Smart Dustbin. 

    Akash, Md. Sabbir Hosen; Hossain, Md. Akram; Rahman, Md. Shahanur; Islam, Md. Ariful; Amin, Md. Al (Sonargoan University(SU), 2023-09-06)
    The main objective of the project is to design a smart dustbin which will help in keeping our environment clean and also eco friendly. Nowadays technologies are getting smarter day-by-day so, as to clean the environment ...
  • Experimental investigation of Lightweight Sandwich Structures Made of Expanded Perlite/Expanded Polystyrene/Epoxy Foam Core and Formica Sheet as Skin 

    Hasan, Mehedhi; Ahmmed, Tareq; Khatun, Farjana; Islam, Md Mahmudul; Islam, B M Moynul (Sonargoan University(SU), 2023-09-06)
    Lightweight sandwich composites are widely employed in various technical applications. A lightweight sandwich structure encloses a lightweight core with two external layers known as skins. Due to sandwich panels' inherent ...
  • Development of an Automatic Bottle Filling Device. 

    Alam, Md. Rasel; Md. Imran Hossain, Md. Imran; Parvin, Monera; Md. Noman (Sonargoan University(SU), 2023-09-06)
    The field of automation has a notable impact in a wide range of industries beyond .manufacturing. Automation plays an increasingly important role in the world economy.Filling is a task carried out by a machine that ...
  • Design and Development of a Miniature Hydraulic Power Unit. 

    Riad, Ragibul Hasan; Naiem, Abu; Ahmed, Razu; Rahman, Arifur (Sonargoan University(SU), 2023-09-06)
  • Design and Fabrication of Automatic 360 Degree Solar Tracking and Cleaning System 

    Uddin, Md. Akher; Chowdhury, Md. Sifat; Rahman, Sazzadur; Islam, Zahirul; Mahadi, Md. Shamim (Sonargoan University(SU), 2023-09-06)
    This paper aims at designing and executing the advanced development in embedded systems for Automatic 360 Degree Solar Tracker with Reflector and Automatic Glass Cleaner System to make sure the proper use natural energy ...
  • Construction And Performance Test Of Solar Home System 

    Hossain, Md. Arif; islam, Ashraful; Shamsuzzaman, Md.; Halim; Morshed, khalid (Sonargoan University(SU), 2023-09-15)
  • Experimental study on the thermal performance of a closed loop pulsating heat pipe with various position. 

    Rana, Mohammad Masud; Pranto, Md. Wahiduzzaman; Rahman, Md. Jihan; Bepari, Md. Rumman; Khatun, Sharifa (Sonargoan University(SU), 2023-09-15)
    Research on closed loop pulsating heat pipes (CLPHPs) using Methanol and Ethylene Glycol as working fluids elucidates key design considerations for maximizing thermal performance. Both studies concur that a 50% filling ...
  • Design and implementation of a Solar Power Seed Sprayer 

    Niloy, Md Munjur Morshed; Rahman, Md Atiqur; Islam, Jahirul; Mondol, Sajib Kumar; Anwar, Saied (Sonargoan University(SU), 2023-09-15)
    Today’s era is marching towards the rapid growth of all sectors including the agricultural sector. To meet the future food demands, the farmers have to implement the new techniques which will not affect the soil texture ...
  • Conveyer Belt Product Counting System Using Ardunio. 

    Islam, Md. Al Amin; Baral, Proshabta; Hasan, Md.Nazmul; SheelI, Limon Chandra; Lemon, Md. Asfaqur rahman (Sonargoan University(SU), 2023-09-15)
    The automatic counting system has been reported to be complex and a global problem. This is because of the inability of counting of machines to incorporate flexibility in their design concept. This research therefore ...
  • Design and Development of Automatic Railway level crossing system. 

    Hossain, Md Miad Bin; Hossen, Md Neuton; Sheikh, Md Hamza; Bokul, Md Nur Alal (Sonargoan University(SU), 2023-09-15)
    This paper proposes an affordable, Arduino-based automated level crossing system to enhance safety at train crossings in Bangladesh. Ultrasonic sensors accurately detect approaching trains up to 4m and trigger sequential ...

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