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  • Design and Fabrication of a Magnet Based Pick and Place Mechanism for Industrial Applications 

    Al Mamun, Md. Abdullah; Iqbal, Asif; Ahmed, Md. Sagor; Islam, Md. Nazrul; Shadhin, Daniyel Islam; Alam, Md.Basir (2023-05-19)
    In today’s factories and shop floors, industrial automation is everywhere and it is difficult to imagine a production line without automation. Industrial automation uses control systems and equipment, such as computer ...
  • Air Conditioning System 

    Islam, Md. Shamsul; Rana, Md. Rubel; Shawon, Md. Emon Khan; Al-Amin, Md.; Rahman Rahad, Md. Rayhan (Sonargoan University(SU), 2023-05-19)
    This book presents a collection of university theses focused on the advancements in small air conditioning systems. As environmental concerns grow and energy efficiency becomes a paramount consideration, the development ...
  • Design & Construction of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger 

    Sheikh, Md. Samrat; Barman, Joydeb Kumar; Islam, Zahidul; Rana, Md. Sohel; Bappi, Riad Mahmud (Sonargoan University(SU), 2023-05-04)
    Eventually, economics plays a key role in the design and selection of heat-exchange equipment, and the engineer should bear this in mind when embarking on any new heat transfer design problem. The weight and size of ...
  • Design and Development of an IoT Based System to Detect Drunk Drivers by Car Monitoring 

    Mahmud, Raihan; Nury, Md. Easin; Alam, Sabbir; Islam;, Md Khairul; Hasan, Md. Mehedi (2023-05-15)
    Drowsy and drunk driving are the leading cause of accidents worldwide. The greatest strategy to avoid accidents caused by drowsy and drunk drivers is to detect them before they fall asleep and also test their alcohol ...
  • Design and Construction of A Line Flowing Forklift. 

    Bashir, Baharul Alam; Islam, Md Darul; Haque, Anamoul; Mollik, Md Agizul; Hasan, A M Shihab (Sonargoan University(SU), 2023-05-06)
    Forklifts are used in a wide variety of applications, such as manufacturing, construction, retail, meat and poultry processing, lumber and building supplies, trades, agriculture, and a variety of warehouse operations. This ...

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