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  • Over current and under voltage monitoring system of a three phase induction motor based on IoT 

    Nayan, Chandra Das; Akter, Rima; Shah, Alamin; Islam, Md. Nurul; Shuvo, Md. Sakib Khan; Azad, Md. Mazbaul (Sonargaon University, 2023-01-15)
    Sudden fluctuations in voltage may cause a serious problem in industriesand home application.These fluctuations may significantly impact the power quality and reliability of other voltage-controlling devices. However, ...
  • Neoronetix AI (Artificial Intelligence) 

    Sani, Md. Rabius; Moniruzzaman, Md; Alom, Shahin; Das, Bijoy Kumar (Sonargaon University (SU), 2023-01-15)
    Neuronetix AI is a powerful artificial intelligence system that utilizes advanced neural network technology to deliver highly accurate predictions and insights. Our system is capable of processing large amounts of data ...
  • Design and Implementation of Computerized Office Management System [OMS] 

    Mahmud, K.M. Abdullah Al; Hasan, Md. Tawfiq; Rahman, Md. Mofizur; Jahan, Nusrat; Zaman, Md. Jamsadu Zaman (Sonargaon University (SU), 2023-01-15)
    Everything is becoming much easier with the touch of technology. In most cases, the use of smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers is increasing day by day. From personal life to education, medical and office courts, ...
  • Web Application on Student Portal 

    Mandal, Samrat; Tanim, Tanvir Islam (Sonargaon University (SU), 2023-01-15)
    Portal is a specially designed website that helps to bring information’s together from different sources in a uniform way. “Web Application on Student Portal” (WAOSP) is a web application which is mainly focused on one ...
  • Design and Implementation of IoT Based Grid System 

    Hasan, Md. Sifat; Aziz, Md. Abdul; Ahmmed, Md. Kabir; Rudra, Pares Kanti; Halder, Milon (Sonargaon University, 2023-01-15)
    The transmission lines plays an important role for transmitting power from generation end to consumer end. In traditional electrical grid network energy is generated in centralized power plants and it is not possible ...

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